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Free Trainings

German Chemicals for Modern Building- BASF is interested in training its team and site engineers, supervisors and workers as part of the development plan and training to raise the efficiency of the contracting field in Egypt. To find out the dates and places of the free training courses please send a special message to the company page and one of our representatives will coordinate with you

Documentary Film About the Company

A documentary film about the company was filmed and was shown outside Egypt to explain the new campaign to develop the company’s outlets

Best exhibition in the world

The company won the title of best selling and displaying the products of the BASF company in Germany at the level of all the BASF agents in the world.


This happened when Mr. Brian Williams, the head of the global business development department, visited us in 2015 and witnessed the distinguished level of the company in serving its customers.

Documentary film:

The visit coincided with the selection of BASF for our main exhibition to be filmed as part of the campaign to develop integrated service centers

The Training

Since the German Chemicals was established, it cares about the training, and gives it a great importance, where the company trains its team & the client with the most appropriate, professional and effective way to use the building chemicals that the company provides

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