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Waterproofing Training at the engineering syndicate branch

German Chemicals fo Modern Building made a training at the new branch yesterday 3-11-2017 for the waterproofing system and they discussed the cementious, bitominous and epoxy waterproofing system and the difference between them, the injection materials and the waterstop system.

The attendance did the waterproofing paint by them-self by the below materials:

masterseal 521, masterseal 501, masterprotect 180, masterinject 1335

adding to above the pools system, water tanks, basement and the UV stable roof system

Opening a new branch at the engineering syndicate club in 6th of October city

During Eid eladha we celebrate the opening of our new branch at the engineering syndicate club in 6th of October city beside the social building and the pool. Also we provide a technical support team to answer all your inquires and questions.

Best exhibition in the world

The company won the title of best selling and displaying the products of the BASF company in Germany at the level of all the BASF agents in the world.


This happened when Mr. Brian Williams, the head of the global business development department, visited us in 2015 and witnessed the distinguished level of the company in serving its customers.

Documentary film:

The visit coincided with the selection of BASF for our main exhibition to be filmed as part of the campaign to develop integrated service centers

Documentary Film About the Company

A documentary film about the company was filmed and was shown outside Egypt to explain the new campaign to develop the company’s outlets

Free Trainings

German company for modern building chemicals – BASF is interested in training its team and site engineers, supervisors and workers as part of the development plan and training to raise the efficiency of the contracting field in Egypt. To find out the dates and places of the free training courses please send a special message to the company page and one of our representatives will coordinate with you

Celebration of Resala’s Association Children

The German Company for Building Chemicals hosted the children of Resala Charitable Society on 7th April 2017

under the patronage of the Syndicate of Engineers Club in the 6th of October City. Today’s slogan was ” Gayeen Nefarahkom” meaning ” coming to cheer you”.

Free training course

On the basis of many requests, the German company conducted a free training course on the occasion of Labor Day 1/5/2017.

The course included a detailed explanation of all cement, epoxy and bitumen insulation products, the difference between them, how the surface is prepared and processed and applied in practice.

In addition to explaining the best ways to isolate swimming pools, water tanks and basements, and also to isolate surfaces to be a final layer does not need to protect to withstand all the weather and the latest insulation materials globally, such as polyethylene